How did the idea of ​​Happynecks® come about?

Jerry (physiotherapist) encountered many oral care professionals in practice with various neck and shoulder complaints. In addition, many patients in oral care complained about neck complaints after treatment. Jerry approached his partner Peter. Together they decided to investigate ergonomics and neck support during oral care. To do this, they enlisted the help of dental care providers from their circle of acquaintances. They soon discovered that there was still a lot of profit to be made here.

Peter then challenged Jerry to go to the drawing board and make a sketch of the ideal support for the neck in a treatment chair. Result: Happynecks® version 1 is born :)

With feedback from dental care providers and patients, the product has been further developed into the current version. This has been tested by 151 patients, with 96% indicating that they would like to use the pillow again for their next treatment. This result strengthens our belief that we have developed a beautiful product that offers patients optimal support and comfort during treatment.

What makes the Happynecks® pillow unique:

  • Neck support; from the cervical spine to the upper back, where most problems generally originate.
  • Stable position of the head with sufficient extension in the neck to perform the dental intervention - patients experience a lot of comfort and relaxation.
  • No occupation of the practitioner's work space.
  • High patient satisfaction after treatment.

Disadvantages of the Happyneck®

patients want to take it home with them after treatment :-)