Each Happynecks® cushion is handmade in a traditional workshop in the Netherlands. We only use the best materials to meet strict sustainability and hygiene requirements.


We use the highest quality medical artificial leather with a fine structure from the German manufacturer Skai. Extremely suitable for use in healthcare; durable and easy to clean.

The zipper at the bottom is sewn inside out, so that it cannot damage the upholstery of the chair.


The Happynecks® pillow is filled with Pantera®. Pantera is a top product specially developed for high-quality products in the market. Pantera scores high on all important properties of comfort foam. It is distinguished by its durability, consistent quality, hygiene and a high degree of comfort. The dimensional stability of this top product is exceptional.
In addition, Pantera complies with California 117A and D standards without additional additives, ensuring optimal comfort is maintained.