Karma Dentistry

Karma stands for dentistry as it should be. Dentistry according to the word of Hippocrates. Today the possibilities are endless, the science is evident and there are so many paths to choose from. The results of these decisions can have major consequences for our patients and for you as a practitioner.


blue®m is a leading oral care brand from the Netherlands. A company with a mission to improve health and well-being through oral care. With a proven track record of more than 10 years in the dental industry, blue®m is available in more than 50 countries with an award-winning professional oral care collection for everyday life.

Digital Smile Design

With DSD, you as a team can design better smiles, plan treatment more effectively, create perceived value and increase case acceptance, deliver better treatments in a more efficient way.


DENTCYC offers the first concept for reusable mouthwash cups. The concept includes petroleum-free reusable cups, reforestation on behalf of partner practices and dental marketing to help practices communicate their sustainable orientation. In this way, DENTCYC creates a sustainable solution to the existing problem of disposable cups and a way to reduce the ecological footprint.

Slow Dentistry Global Network®

We strive to improve standards of care in dental practices worldwide to ensure your safety, well-being, comfort and understanding.


NATUREbrush has set itself the task of reducing unnecessary plastic waste in dental practices. The NATUREbrush is the first bamboo toothbrush to replace the conventional single-use plastic toothbrush. Moreover, you can continue to use the NATUREbrush after one use. In short: plastic becomes bamboo!

DSA/Dental International

Dutch treatment equipment with built-in air and water supply. So no pipes and no high extra costs. Save on pipes, invest in equipment.


The iCam 4D revolutionizes the workflow for multi-implant restorations. This exciting new technology has enormous benefits for the patient and all parties involved, from dentist to production. The iCam 4D technology reduces treatment time and number of visits, and eliminates significant hardware, personnel and production costs. It is the only technology that guarantees predictable and accurate results, regardless of the operator.

nano. Die Zahnbürste

nano. The toothbrush. stands for gentle dental care and sustainable oral hygiene. The toothbrushes with 20,000 ultra-soft bristles clean very thoroughly and more gently than conventional toothbrushes. With our toothpaste tablets you only use as much as necessary and save a lot of plastic waste.


MegaGen supplies products for dental implantology, restorative dentistry and bone and tissue regeneration. Started by clinicians and driven by clinicians, MegaGen has always been and always will be, developing the best possible tools and solutions to help dental professionals achieve the best possible results for their patients and create happy smiles!


As part of the medical industry, the safety of our patients and the success of our procedures is our top priority. We are therefore limited in how far our ecological footprint can be reduced. Greenviu strives to reduce materials, energy expenditure and waste production by focusing on replacing common products and practices with products and strategies that achieve higher sustainability.

Verband Deutscher Dentalhygieniker

The Association of German Dental Hygienists (VDDH), based in Grafing near Munich, was founded in 2014. Currently, ten dental hygienists, trained in various institutions and throughout Germany, form the board of the VDDH.

Dr. Heffs

As dentists, we believe that prevention is the key to clean and healthy teeth. That's why we have Dr. Invented Heff's Remarkable Mints: to help you take better care of your teeth all day long.

Zahnärtze chamber Bremen

The Chamber of Dentists is the professional representation of all dentists in Bremen and Bremerhaven. All dentists in the state of Bremen are affiliated with us.

International Association of Dental Students

The association represents the interests of more than 200,000 dental students in approximately 60 countries worldwide and has its central office at the FDI World Dental Federation headquarters in Geneva. The association strives for educational and scientific excellence in the international projects and initiatives it manages.

Belgian professional association of Dental Hygienists

The Belgian Professional Association for Dental Hygienists (BBM) wants to be a representative association for Belgian dental hygienists to defend all professional interests.


Daily oral care means more than brushing your teeth and eating healthy. The quality and quantity of saliva plays a paramount role in protecting our teeth. MOUTHACID 3IN1 GEL is the first European patented oral antacid that 1) supports saliva function, 2) immediately stops acid attacks, 3) prevents tooth erosion and 4) soothes the symptoms of dry mouth.
Prevention is the future.