Relax Hoofdkussen - Happynecks
Relax Hoofdkussen - Happynecks
Relax | Travel Pillow
Relax | Travel Pillow
Relax | Travel Pillow

Relax | Travel Pillow

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Happynecks relax pillow

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Wonderfully comfortable pillow for an easy chair, beach bed, car or even airplane. The Happynecks® pillow is a Dutch product and developed by a physiotherapist. Consideration has been given to the ultimate combination of comfort and support for people with neck complaints, but also - without neck complaints.

The filling is deliberately not made of memory foam, because there must be a 'counter pressure' to ensure the shape of the spine. This way it always provides the right support in combination with ultimate comfort. The shape of the pillow is unique and provides support for the entire area from the head to the upper back.

The materials used are from Dutch soil and are of high quality. Happynecks products are also made in the Netherlands. A counter weight is used, so that the pillow does not have to be fixed on the chair in question.

Available in colors Anthracite and Ocean Blue.


  • made of a high-quality velor fabric
  • high-quality filling
  • the counter weight at the back keeps the cushion in place
  • zipper at the back shipped
  • washable
  • anti allergen


  • neck support due to the unique shape
  • to supportive yet sufficiently soft and very comfortable
  • fits almost all chairs
  • can be used as a sleeping pillow for reflux!
  • The shape of the pillow has already proven itself in oral care by dentists
  • now recommended worldwide


  • the size is suitable for all adults

The materials used are high-quality and come from the Netherlands; all Happynecks® products are also made in the Netherlands. The Happynecks cushion was first developed for oral care, for a dentist's chair. There the materials are slightly different due to disinfection and the shape of dentist chairs. The Happynecks pillow is now used by dentists and other oral care specialists in more than 40 countries.

Why choose a Happyneck®?

Reason one

Give you patient maximum comfort and relaxation during treatment.

Reason two

Create a better work position during dental treatment

Reason three

Improve patient satisfaction