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Mark Bowes

Thanks to Happynecks for making my patients super comfortable during some of our 6-hour appointments! My first patient trying the Happynecks pillow underwent a 3-hour long surgery. She was very comfortable and relaxed during this long treatment and full of praise afterwards. At the follow-up appointment the Happynecks cushion was missing. First thing she said when she walked in was: ‘Hey! Where is my Happynecks cushion?’  Our patients love it. You guys found a blind-spot, congrats. We will definitely order more for our 12 new surgeries

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Dr Andrea Shepperson

'A lovely parcel arrived from the Netherlands recently…my @happynecks pillow! Orthopedically designed, it pops over the headrest of my dentsply sirona headrest and molds to my patient’s cervical spine. Patients love it especially when they are in the chair for a longer session with thetoothweardentist and we are rebuilding a smile. Thank you @happynecks and @slowdentistryglobalnetwork for the partnership.'

Dentist, special care dentistry, UMCG. Head of the department of restorative dentistry and biomaterials. Dentist Lecturer in Prosthodontic and Esthetic Dentistry
Marco Gresnigt

I was seeing a patient for dental treatment. She brought in a bath towel to support her neck, since she was suffering from neck- and thoracic spine problems. I suggested trying the Happyneck pillow instead. She was in the treatment chair for 3 hours without any problems or complaints and had no headaches either afterwards. Great innovation, guys!

Partner at West Terrace Dental Practice and founder of Dr Heff’s Remarkable Mints
Toby Edwards-Lunn

'A simple, yet game changing innovation. Anyone who wants to show their patients that they want to put them completely at ease and ensure comfort during their treatment should try HappyNecks. Any treatment session over 20 mins can cause stress to the neck and shoulders. HappyNecks helps prevent this and is now a must for my patients- Thanks guy'

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Birgit Hühn

Happynecks ist ein super bequemes Nackenkissen! Meine Patienten sind total begeistert!